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At Redbank House we support seven people with learning disabilities and autism, who may exhibit behaviours that challenge. We also specialise in supporting people with Prader-Willi syndrome.

We believe everyone should be able to live as independent a life as possible. We support individuals to make decisions about their lives while also encouraging them to respect the different views and needs other people have.

There are good relationships between staff, the people who live at Redbank House, family, friends and the wider community. We take part in local activities, such as bingo.

Some people have jobs delivering magazines, which provide opportunities to get to know local people. Other activities the residents currently enjoy is music, dance and art classes and we can access other courses depending on what people are interested in.

We encourage everyone to be involved in how our home is run by expressing their view at house meetings, making suggestions and completing questionnaires. Everyone has the opportunity to be involved in recruiting new staff, showing potential new employees around our home and asking them questions and people are encouraged to take on responsibilities such as answering the phone, asking visitors to sign in and sorting the post.


Our home is in a rural area in a quiet village and has a large garden. We can access facilities in nearby towns using public transport or our own vehicle.

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