Making the website as accessible to everyone who wants to use it is important to us. We are regularly working to make our website as accessible and usable as possible so that you, the user, can get the best experience and access all the information you require.

Easy Read Versions

We aim to make our website as easy to read as possible, but we also produce easy read versions of our webpages. Where there is an easy read version of the webpage, there will be an easy-read link available under the main header of the page.

Accessible formats

We try to present all of our information as HTML webpages. However you may come across some documents in a PDF format, which you can download and print. If you have any problems viewing or downloading these files, you may need to download additional software.

  • Download the latest Adobe Reader software here.

Changing the text size and images

Specialised tools to help you view our website better, such as changing the font size accessibility controls are available on our website. 

If you require larger text on your screen, please use the text size controls on the top left of the page to increase the size of the text appropriate for you.

Alternatively you can increase the text size of the webpage using your browser’s controls as required.

Windows Mac OS
Internet Explorer Ctrl + plus or minus symbol (+/-) N/A
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Google Chrome Ctrl + plus or minus symbol (+/-) Command (⌘) + plus or minus symbol (+/-)
Mozilla Firefox Ctrl + plus or minus symbol (+/-) Command (⌘) + plus or minus symbol (+/-)
Safari N/A Command (⌘) + plus or minus symbol (+/-)

Did you know…

By rotating your mouse’s scroll wheel whilst holding the control key (CTRL) on your computer keyboard (Command (⌘) if you are using a Mac), you can increase and decrease the screens overall zoom.

Website feedback

We are aware that errors can occur and although we are regularly testing the site you may find issues which inhibit your use of our website. If you have any questions about using our site or if you having issues with the Voyage Care website please get in touch with us, this will help us make our website better.


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