Supported living for adults with learning disabilities, autism and complex care needs

At Voyage Care, we support people with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries or complex care needs to live a more independent and enriching life. Our schemes offer an alternative to residential care, helping people to live independently. You have complete control over how and when you receive support.

We offer different types of living environments, including independent flats and shared homes with communal spaces. Our team will support you to understand your options, and help you to find the perfect home.

The support we offer is flexible. We can help with personal care needs and managing finances, or support you to find education, work or leisure activities. You decide on the support you want and how often you need it. Our teams will work closely with you to co-create a personalised support plan focusing on your goals, interests, and skills.

Learning disabilities supported living. We support over 1000 people across 295 properties.

What types of supported living services are there?

There are a variety of different types of supported living we can offer and we’ll strive to find the best option for you.

Independent living

You could choose to live independently in your own flat with as much or as little support as you need. This could be in one of our already established properties, or we can work with you and our housing partners to source a property that meets your needs.

Shared living

We can help connect you with other people who might want to live independently too but aren’t yet ready to live alone. You will have your own space but benefit from socialising with other like-minded people, sharing the communal spaces and sharing the costs of household bills.

Apartment living

You may be looking for the best of both worlds. Your own modern apartment with some shared communal space. That way you can choose when and if you want to socialise. We have worked with our housing partners to develop this popular type of accommodation.

Stepping-stone accommodation

This provides stability whilst you are between long-term support solutions. This type of support will help you plan for your future in a structured way. We will support you with the skills you may need to help you live more independently and, when you are ready, support you to move on.

Choosing the right supported living accommodation for you

We work with specialist housing providers who will support you with managing your tenancy. Together, we will help you choose a property that best suits your needs.

Once we’ve helped you find the perfect home, our property development team are available to make any required adaptations. For example, we can help with the fitting equipment such as hoists and walk-in baths.

We support you to understand the options available when searching for the right home for you, including;

  • Identifying if we have a suitable vacancy available in one of our existing locations
  • Working with specialist housing providers and landlords to source appropriate properties
  • Understanding if a home could be adapted to meet an your requirements – our in-house property team can install specialist equipment, such as hoists and tracking, environmental controls, accessible bathrooms and assistive technologies
  • Investing in the development of specialist purpose-built homes. We will invest our own capital or work with specialist development partners to meet the identified needs of people in a local community

Learn more about supported living

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Find out where we can support you

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  • Children's service

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If you need further advice, call our friendly enquiry line on 0800 035 3776 or email
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