Fox Elms (DCA)

Fox Elms Care provide support to those who need it.

Supporting you

We offer one-to-one support and shared support hours in your home, in the community and in supported living properties across Gloucestershire.

At present, we deliver personalised support packages to tenants living in 12 supported living properties.  Tenants living in these properties benefit from trained support team members being available 24 hours a day, providing a combination of shared and one-to-one support hours and overnight support.

We specialise in supporting people who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, autism, mental health conditions and complex care needs.  We get to know you and the ways in which you prefer your support to be delivered.  We can help you create and maintain a safe and comfortable home and help you achieve your goals, such as improving your independence or confidence – both at home and in the community.

Mental health support services

We have been mental health support specialists for many years in Gloucestershire. Our teams deliver practical and caring support using both Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and MAPA support techniques with people who have enduring complex and challenging mental health support needs. We work closely with the Gloucestershire Mental Health and Social Care teams to ensure that each individuals mental health and overall wellbeing is being supported appropriately.

Our team

Our experienced staff are highly trained and are passionate about supporting you to live your life as independently as possible. This means we focus on providing person-centred support and co-creating your personalised support plan with you, around your needs, desires and goals.

We provide high quality care to those who have learning disabilities, Physical disabilities, autism, mental health conditions and complex care needs.

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