Last updated: 22 April 2021

Voyage Care is a provider of care and support to adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and other complex and challenging support needs across the UK. Placements into our services are funded by local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and other organisations in the health and social sector, as well as directly by the individuals we support themselves.

Voyage Care recognises the scale and seriousness of the problem of modern slavery and human trafficking, and most importantly of the impact on its victims.  Whilst we are confident that the robust recruitment and identity checks we carry out on our staff go some way to ensuring modern slavery is not present in our business, we recognise that this does not eradicate the risk entirely. As an employer of over 10,000 employees, a number of whom are originally from outside of the UK, we realise that this potentially represents the biggest risk of modern slavery to our business.

This statement sets out the steps we have taken during the financial year ending 31st March 2021 in our continuing commitment to tackle modern slavery in our business and supply chains.

Training and awareness

We have seen a high participation rate in our modern slavery e-learning module which was rolled out last year to all service managers, operations managers, our Recruitment, HR and Legal teams, and all Heads of Department. 

The feedback we have taken from our employees who have undertaken the e-learning has been positive and the training has been well-received; however, as with all of our training programmes, this will remain subject to regular review as to the specific relevance to the care sector within which we work; in particular, we plan to explore whether there are materials available which further highlight the particular risks to vulnerable adults given our specialism in providing care to adults with learning disabilities.

In order to build on our employees’ awareness of modern slavery through the literature we have made available to our frontline staff across the country, we have plans to mark Anti-Modern Slavery Awareness Day on 18th October 2021 with some informative pieces on our employee intranet site, Hive, which is available to all of our employees; our award-winning intranet site has proved very successful in the past in raising and discussing important current issues so we are confident that this will be a good platform for raising awareness of modern slavery.

Recruitment processes

Since publishing our last modern slavery statement, we have further defined the number of recruitment agencies we use in order to source temporary, fixed term and permanent employees.  This has resulted in even better and trusted relationships with these recruitment agencies, providing greater confidence in the workers we engage through them. 

We have now also implemented our new Applicant Tracking System, which is proving to be a great success and has served to improve our already comprehensive recruitment processes.

Suppliers and third-party partners

We continue to ensure that our suppliers and any third-party partners with whom we work are compliant with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  We ensure that all contracts with our suppliers contain clauses relating to our mutual legal obligations to tackle modern slavery within our respective businesses and organisations.   Over the coming year, our Procurement and Legal teams will ensure that review of the modern slavery statements of our suppliers and third-party partners is included as a standard part of our due diligence checks.

We are very much aware that the criminals who are involved in modern slavery and human trafficking will evolve their criminal practices in order to prevent detection of their crimes and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.  We therefore recognise that it is vital that as an organisation we continually consider and reflect on what more we can do to detect and combat modern slavery within our business and supply chains.

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors on 8 April 2021.

Andrew Cannon
Chief Executive Officer
For and on behalf of Voyage Care Holdco Limited and its subsidiary companies

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