Brownsill, Green Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 2EG, United Kingdom

Key details

  • Sensory room
  • Separate apartment
  • Separate bungalow
  • Spacious house
  • Tracking hoists

At Westwood we support nine people with learning disabilities, autism and/or behaviours that challenge. We have eight people living in the main house, two in their own flats, and one individual lives in a separate bungalow.

Supporting you 

We are a leading provider with 35 years experience in successfully supporting people across the UK with learning and physical disabilities, Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and other needs. 

Our residential care homes are carefully designed and adapted to meet the needs of every person who lives there. Specialist features in the homes can include assisted baths, ceiling tracking, hoists, sensory rooms and hydrotherapy facilities. 

We offer more than somewhere to live, this is somewhere for you to make your home. We work with you to find out your goals and how you prefer to communicate. You’ll be included in all decisions about your care and support, either directly or through your family or advocate. This could include choices about menus, activities or holiday destinations. You’ll also be involved in our staff recruitment processes to help us find the right people to work with you. 

Each home offer opportunities for you to learn new skills, become more independent and try new experiences. As well as providing a full itinerary of in-house activities, such as craft sessions, music therapy or sensory sessions, we also encourage you to become active members of the community. This can include using local shops and cafes on a regular basis, looking for volunteering opportunities and attending courses at local colleges and libraries. 

Case study

Since moving to Westwood, Shaun has been on quite the journey: from home bird to holiday lover! When he first moved in, Shaun was reluctant to go out. Staff struggled to encourage him to take part in activities and he regularly became distressed and anxious. The experienced team at Westwood were patient and understanding of Shaun and supported him to feel comfortable in the home. Soon, he became less worried about going out into the local area. Now, with the support of a consistent staff team, Shaun is often out exploring and has been on his first holiday!

We are close to local education and recreation facilities and have good links with the local community as well as with specialist services in the area.




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