Positive behavioural support

It can be hard to find the right setting for those living with challenging behaviours and even harder to find a provider that takes time to understand why the challenging behaviours occur in the first place.

With over 30 years of experience, our staff are trained to observe potential triggers, create clear channels of communication and promote consistency that develops positive outcomes and minimises the occurrence of challenging behaviours.

We work with the people we support and their close network to establish behaviour patterns, remove barriers that restrict choice and equip people with the skills to reduce or self-manage their own behaviours.

Voyage Care support staff are committed to delivering our Positive Behavioural Support Strategy and are trained in accordance with the principles of the MAPA programme.

We deliver accredited training programmes to our staff on MAPA, who utilise approved means of re-direction and physical intervention to manage challenging situations.

We base our approach around the individual, and while historical assessments can provide insightful backgrounds, they are not the sole basis of our support plans.

  • Residential care home

  • Brain injury service

  • Specialist service

  • Community support

  • Children's service

If you need further advice, call our friendly enquiry line on 0800 035 3776 or email referrals@voyagecare.com
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Helping Thomas overcome his fear of animals

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