183 Ashby Road

183 Ashby Road is a transition service supporting five young adults to build their skills and confidence with the goal of moving towards more independent living. The people who live at 183 Ashby Road are aged between 18 and 30 with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs and are supported to be happy, healthy and make the most of every opportunity.  

Supporting You

We encourage everyone to develop their skills and work towards their own individual goals. Each person is supported to make choices and express their hopes and wishes using their preferred form of communication, and to plan activities around these. Some examples of things individuals currently living here like to do are regular outings to the cinema, theatre, sports centres and shops.

We work on target setting with each individual, their family and other professionals to make sure everybody has clear objectives to work towards over the coming months and year. We support everyone to find educational and employment opportunities that will meet their needs and help them achieve their goals.

Residents living here have the opportunity to share their views and ideas about the day to day running of the home, using their preferred form of communication. They can choose to share these on a one to one basis with their key worker, or as part of a house meeting.

We also actively seek feedback on the service provided and suggestions for changes from family members. We understand that relationships with family are very important and we welcome visits from relatives or friends at any time, depending on the individual’s wishes.

We can support people to keep in touch by phone and help with arrangements for home visits or family days out. We ensure that family are involved in planning and decisions, again following the wishes of each individual.


183 Ashby Road is situated in Burton-on-Trent and is close to main cities such as Derby and Birmingham. The house is approximately 20 minutes’ walk from the town centre, and is near to facilities such as the cinema, leisure centre, shops, restaurants and the bus and train stations.


The home is warm and welcoming, offering a range of accommodation to suit specific needs. Residents can decorate their own room to create a personalised space that reflects their taste. There is a large back garden that everyone can use for hobbies and activities, or as a peaceful place to relax. 

The lounge, fitted with a TV, DVD, music equipment and computer, is another popular place for people to relax and spend time with friends. Residents can also practice their independent living skills by preparing drinks and snacks in the kitchen.

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