Redbank House are Prader-Willi superheroes!

During the pandemic, our services are ensuring the people we support’s families are kept up to date with everything their loved ones are doing. The team at our CQC rated Outstanding, Prader-Willi syndrome service, Redbank House, have been thinking outside of the box to come up with a creative way to do so…and the “Prader-Willi Superheroes in Lockdown” movie trailer idea was born!

What is this trailer?

The people we support, along with the support of their staff, created their own movie trailer, all about a family of four who are fighting off an unseen enemy, which is COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The family of four is made up of Aneil, Rebecca, Emma and James and they all have a superpower that’s helping them fight the enemy – Prader-Willi syndrome!

Where did the inspiration come from?

We spoke to Loraine, Service Manager, who told us all about it. “The inspiration behind creating the video was to send something different to families. It’s nice for them to see everyone having fun, being safe and making the most of things. The people we support are all my heroes so the idea to make them superheroes came easily!”

The superheroes and their favourite parts

The residents of Redbank House really enjoyed being film stars for a day. We asked each of them what their favourite part of creating the video was.

Aneil said “I love posing for the camera and messing about. I like the part where I blow a kiss to the camera the most, I know there are a lot of ladies out there that will really appreciate it!”

Emma said “I liked pulling silly faces and giving everyone a thumbs up at the end. I felt I was telling everyone I’m okay and I’m having fun.”

Rebecca enjoyed pretending to get a staff member in a headlock, “It made everyone laugh!”, she said.

“I really enjoyed being a Prader-Willi superhero and running around the house laughing” James said.

The superheroes also said they really liked the end shot, as they’re proud of the newly decorated gates that say thank you to all the keyworkers.

Redbank House’s drama project

The people who live at Redbank House usually perform plays for family members, but are unable to do so at this time due to the Government’s restrictions. Creating the movie trailer was their way of replacing the plays and is just the first step in their new drama project. It’s really boosted the morale of the service.

Loraine said, “Taking the time to make the video has been so much fun and has really bought everyone together, even those not directly involved. The staff have loved watching them come up with ideas and encouraging them and then getting to see the end result that they are all so rightly proud of.”

So, what’s next for Redbank House’s drama project? A whole movie! Loraine added, “This trailer was designed to see what ideas they can all come up with, and how they can develop their characters. They are now coming up with ideas for a little movie, which will take some time to put together but something they are all so excited about doing.”

You can watch the trailer for “Prader-Willi Superheroes in Lock-down” here:

Prader-Willi Superheroes in lock-down!
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