Sheringham Avenue

1 Sheringham Avenue, Oakwood, Greater London, N14 4UB, United Kingdom

Key details

  • 5 bedrooms
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Nearby amenities

At Sheringham Avenue we support five young adults who have autism either at the high functioning end or have Asperger syndrome.

Supporting you

The home is designed for people that need an intense support package to manage areas of their life that they are finding difficult, possibly due to their autism or mental health difficulties. This intense support package is also designed to develop skills so that residents can move towards living more independently if they wish.

The team

The knowledgeable and experienced staff team will work with residents to support them to build their independence. People are supported to continue to access education through our links with local colleges, and to seek employment. Staff will use our creative training programmes for supporting each person to develop the skills required for independent living such as budgeting, maintaining good health, personal safety and managing their household responsibilities. The staff team are also able to work with individuals who present with complex behaviours in a proactive way, supporting these individuals to develop and use personal coping strategies necessary for independent living.

Sheringham Avenue is located in a quiet residential area of Oakwood in North London.

The area has very good transport links to central London, plus a range of local shops and facilities nearby.


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