Welby Close

25 Welby Close, Maidenhead, SL6 3PY

Welby Close is located in a quiet cul de sac in Maidenhead. Offering dedicated support to residents with autism, learning disabilities and challenging behaviours, the residential service is committed fully supporting people in pursuing education, and teaches daily living skills, whilst encouraging an active and enriched lifestyle. Currently home to 3 male occupants, Welby Close is led by a diverse staff team, collectively striving to deliver the best possible care and support to their residents.

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Encouraging the people we support to live as independently as possible is at the centre of what we do. Our staff actively support individuals in making decisions and achieving their goals. We believe it is vital to listen to what they want and facilitate them in fulfilling their hopes and dreams. The team at Welby Close offers a diverse mix of experience from various branches of the care sector. Each member of this enthusiastic and committed team offers something unique and beneficial to the people they support.

Empowering people we support to live rich, varied and fulfilled lives is important across all our services. At Welby Close, our all-male occupancy enjoys an array of lively activities. Conveniently located near local shops, and a 5-minute drive from the town centre, day trips are a frequent occurrence. With a Sports-able centre nearby, the people we support can enjoy a range of sporting and leisure activities, adjusted to accommodate those with disabilities. One of our current residents is a member of the centre. As well as maintaining physical activity, our residents are also encouraged to pursue educational activities. They enjoy attending a local college on a regular basis, participating in community-oriented activities, as well as learning daily living skills within the comfort of their home. Our team at Welby close are on hand to support the people we support in anything that they want to do, priding themselves on their flexible, person-centred approach. One of our current residents is even a published writer! With the right support, time and dedication, our staff help individuals to achieve everything they wish.


Welby Close is positioned in a quiet suburban cul de sac in Maidenhead, Kent. This residential home comprises 3 bedrooms, each with access to a personal bathroom. The spacious property features a beautiful garden that is fully equipped for outdoor activities and socialising. Outdoor tables and chairs gather round the barbecue for summer feasts and provide the perfect setting for visits from family and friends on warmer days. Located in a convenient spot of Maidenhead, Welby Close has excellent train and bus links to London and is near to surrounding countryside and the river Thames.


All staff receive expert training tailored to the needs of the people we support. Staff are asked for their opinions on training regularly through supervisions and can request any additional training they feel will be beneficial to their role.
Our staff at Welby Close are diverse and bring their own individual strengths and levels of experience to the home, ensuring a good variety of skills are shared with our residents. The dedicated teams at Voyage Care deliver tailored person-centred support, which has helped us to achieve industry leading ratings across our services.


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