Marner House

Marner House provides specialist person-centred care and support. It offers a rehabilitation pathway to individuals with a brain injury and complex needs such as cognitive, physical and/or emotional difficulties, including aggression, impaired social functioning and disinhibited behaviour.

Supporting you

The focus of Marner House is to offer a continuing rehabilitation service with focus on enablement of the people we support to maximise independence and enhance quality of life. The aim is enablement to be discharged back to own homes or a supported environment, with greater functional ability and independence.

Neuro therapy can be provided as part of the support package with therapeutic input integrated into daily strategies. Our therapy co-ordinator works in conjunction with the neuro-therapists to ensure that outcome measures are in place and reviewed regularly providing evidence based progress.


Marner House is located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. It sits within a residential area and has access to a vast public transport system along with ease of access to motorway links.

Nuneaton is a market town and boasts a good range of shops and services.


Marner House is a residential service offering 8 beds within the main residential and 4 transitional support units.

The TSUs provide a pathway through the continuum with the environment to evidence the support needed upon discharge, whether this be supported or independent living.

Within the grounds of the residential service Marner House also house Supported Living properties with support delivered through the Fitton Street DCA.

The team

The team at Marner House are all trained in understanding brain injury and behavioural support.

A Therapy Co-ordinator works in conjunction with the neuro therapists to support and implement therapy tasks ensuring that all staff is equipped with the skills and knowledge to complete measuring tools and tasks that are incorporated into daily programmes.

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