Lorenzo Drive

Lorenzo Drive is our new £2.7m brain injury rehabilitation centre in Liverpool, offering a positive approach to rehabilitation through residential and transitional supported living.

We passionately believe that after the initial stages of medical treatment and rehabilitation, you will have the ability to progress further and re-learn the skills of daily living or develop external strategies to compensate.

At Lorenzo Drive, we take a positive approach to rehabilitation towards a full and active life for all people with a brain injury.

We offer:

– Person-centred rehabilitation plans and goals.

– Interdisciplinary assessment and approach.

– Specialist neuro-rehabilitation therapists.

– Support for additional complex needs.

– Outcome-focused interventions.

– Skills of daily living activities and access to new opportunities.

– Proactive staff support and community experiences.

– Managed transition to your own home.

Our approach

Our highly trained and experienced team at Lorenzo Drive will work with you to develop and deliver person-centred, individualised support pathways.

We will work closely with you, your family, healthcare professionals and other key people to aid your recovery. You will remain in control of how you live your life.

Our brain injury rehabilitation teams work with a range of session-based therapists, including:

– Neuro-occupational therapy.

– Neuro-speech and language therapy.

– Neuro-physiotherapy.

– Cognitive behaviour therapy.

– Neuro-psychology.

– Neuro-psychiatry.

– Drama, art and music therapy.

Many of the people we support with brain injuries also have further personal or complex needs, such as epilepsy, diabetes or substance misuse. Part of our rehabilitation support includes helping you to manage these additional needs.

We understand how important it is for you to achieve and progress towards independence. We use proven methods to monitor your progress and focus on improving your cognitive and behavioural impairments.

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