COVID-19 don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time!

With restrictions in place across the country, Marner House in Warwickshire have found new ways to have fun at home!

Marner House is a brain injury rehabilitation service that is home to up to 12 people, all of which have an acquired brain injury. The service encourages individuals to focus on their rehabilitation, supporting them to work with therapists and staff to achieve their own goals and regain their independence. To keep spirits high during the COVID-19 restrictions, the residents decided they wanted have fun with a themed party.

Safety first!

After the residents came up with the fabulous idea of a party at a house meeting, staff wasted no time in getting the party arranged. However, whilst the idea of a party was fantastic, the safety of the people we support and our staff always comes first. Therefore, for our residents to have the party they deserved, we had to ensure safety measures were in place beforehand and throughout. Both the staff and the people we support agreed that the best party location was the lounge. This ensured there was plenty of room for everyone to be socially distanced from one another, but still enough room to enjoy a boogie! Staff ensured that the party had clear signs to remind everyone how to keep safe, as well as a one-way system for those joining or leaving the dancefloor. Everybody was briefed on the safety rules and were happy to follow them. With all these measures in place, there was only one thing left to do … party!

Getting into the groove

The residents were brought back the groove with a themed 60’s, 70’s and 80’s night. Through thoughtful party planning, staff were able to source lots of ‘old skool’ sweets and treats, and were even able to get some incredible fancy dress costumes to really make the night special. Paul, a resident at Marner House, said “I loved having a good sing along on the karaoke – I was born in the 80’s, so I really enjoyed the music! I really had a laugh with all the fancy dress, I liked the wigs and getting into the part spirit. The highlight of my night was my Whitney Houston debut!”

The evening was filled with lots of laughs, karaoke, singing and dancing, and was enjoyed by all those involved. The staff also had an amazing time. Kerry, a support worker at Marner house, commented “It was fantastic, all the guys joined in and enjoyed themselves. It was great to see everyone laughing and having fun – especially with all of the doom and gloom on the news lately! My highlight was seeing smiles on the faces of the people we support and them having fun! Oh, and the fancy dress, I really got into the spirit!”

What’s next?

This groovy party is just one of the many COVID-19 safe activities Marner house have been getting up to, with lots more planning underway! Keep an eye on out on our social channels and our website to hear about all the other great events.

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