At Broadview we support up to six people who have a learning disability and mental health needs. Currently we provide a service for people who are very clear about their views and wishes, but may not be able to communicate these in ways that keep themselves and others safe, and who may also have complex emotional support needs. We are also working towards gaining an autism accreditation from the National Autistic Society.


The service is located within reasonable walking distance of Fareham Town centre. There are good public transport links to both Fareham (for those who are less able to walk) and further afield, enabling access to the full range of activities and facilities available in the South Hampshire area. We encourage everyone to make the most of the local facilities available to them and support them in a range of activities, according to their interests. There are also two service vehicles to enable access further afield.


The kitchen has been carefully designed to enable everyone to participate in the preparation of meals, with support from staff, to develop daily living skills. Broadview has a large garden and separate patio and decking areas giving people the opportunity to get involved in gardening, or simply be outside enjoying the environment. In the main building there are four bedrooms with ensuite facilities and a self-contained flat, with full access to the house. There is also a self-contained flat to the side of the house, where the registration covers the whole property.

The team

Our staff are experienced at working with people with complex and variable needs, who may have found it difficult living in shared environments in the past, as well as finding the step to supported living too much to cope with at this time in their lives.

Support is geared around the individual, our staff enable people to feel in control and independent in their daily lives, as well as being able access the social network that living in a shared service can provide. A friendly and trusting relationship between the staff and residents can be easily seen when visiting the home. We have found that people who have had difficulty building relationships in the past have really benefited from this.

The home is managed by a qualified and experienced manager, who maintains excellent links with families and other professionals. Our manager has an ethos of working closely with everyone who is important to the people living at Broadview.

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