Relocation, relocation, relocation – for the better!

We support Matt* at one of our residential care homes in Somerset. Matt* has physical disabilities and needs full support with all of his needs.

Before Matt* moved to our residential care home, his family were concerned that he wasn’t going out into the community much or participating in the activities he liked to do. Matt’s* parents were relocating themselves and they wanted be closer to their son. So in August 2017 his parents visited the service and before they knew it, Matt* was moved in by the following October.

Our staff  supported with Matt’s* transition to make it as smooth as possible. As part of the process, the team went to visit him in his old home to complete the pre-admission.

At first, the team at the home had difficulty communicating with Matt* as he is non-verbal. Through vigorous training and continuous support, Matt’s* key support workers have now mastered his movements and gestures, which now helps them to understand his needs. Nineteen months on and he is a completely different person.

Matt* is at a healthier weight and is a much happier person – his parents couldn’t be more chuffed. They said: “It didn’t take long for Matt* to settle into his new home. He soon made many new friends and is getting on very well with the friendly support team. We’re very impressed with the service and we knew straight away it was the best decision we ever made.

Everyone is so friendly and caring, nothing is too much trouble. Matt* is very well cared for and people talk to him and make him laugh. He’s gets out and about in the community, which he loves. We can’t fault anyone or anything, it’s just one big happy family. He is very happy, after visiting him we go home knowing he is in good hands.”

The staff at the service realised that Matt* has an amazing sense of humour and they often say that his laugh is contagious and brings a smile to everyone at the home. Since his move, Matt* now attends a Sit and Stay Fit class, which has improved his posture. He also attends a weekly disco with his friends and he has recently taken up a culinary class, where he meets other people to learn about healthy eating.

He even recently went sailing for the first time at a lake who provide specialist sailing days for people with learning disabilities. However, it wasn’t that simple.“In order for Matt* to take part, we hunted high and low for a specialist lifejacket for him to wear. When we found one the smile on his face made it worth the search,” said Maria, Home Manager of the service.

*names have been changed for confidentiality

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