Bracken Villa

Bracken Villa, 6 Bracken Lane, Nottinghamshire, DN22 7EU, United Kingdom

Key details

  • 6 bedrooms
  • Dining room
  • Large garden
  • Living room
  • Shops nearby

Located in Retford, Bracken Villa provides care and support for up to eight people with a learning disability who may also have mental health needs, cerebral palsy and autism. The individuals at Bracken Villa may also need support with behaviours which could be seen as challenging.

Supporting you

We encourage people to be as independent as possible – residents have their own interests and enjoy taking control of how they spend their day.  These include recreational and educational pursuits and activities to build independent life skills.

Many of our residents go to a disco every Wednesday. They also enjoy going to the local cinema and having walks in the country side.


Bracken Villa is a detached three storey building. The main house has six bedrooms and spacious communal areas including a lounge, a dining room and a conservatory. The home has a large garden with a quiet area in one corner where individuals can sit and have time to themselves.

Within the grounds of the main house there are two semi-detached units offering a more independent style of living. Each unit has an open plan kitchen/dining area, a bedroom and a bathroom.

The team

Staff support each resident to maintain existing skills and develop new ones, assisting with daily living skills such as laundry, cooking, gardening and budgeting.

A member of staff is assigned to work closely with each person and their family, making sure that all information is kept up to date and helping to make appointments, arrange holidays and plan for the future.


The home is located on the outskirts of Retford, a small market town within an hour’s travel of Nottingham and Doncaster. Close to the centre of Retford, you can find a range of shops, cafes and other facilities.

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