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Here you can read the latest news, blog posts and views from our staff, the people we support and their families at our services across the UK. If you would like to contact the press team, please call us on 01543 484506, or email

huddle! Spring 2018

huddle! Spring 2018 It's been a busy few months and this magazine is packed with exciting news and stories from across Voyage Care. Don't forget, we're always keen to hear what you think of your staff magazine - and even keener for you to send us your stories and ideas, so please...  More >

What I do to show my team I appreciate them

by Micheala Blanche

Managers rely on their staff to conduct their duties in order to achieve the overall objectives of the department.  The purpose of the quality directorate is to Assess, Improve, Monitor and Support in order to facilitate the achievement of great quality commercial success. As a manager within... More >

I know I'm appreciated because...

As part of Employee Appreciation Day 2018, we asked some of our staff how they know they are appreciated by their teams.  "My operations manager and my managing director are so supportive and tell me how very proud they are of what the team have accomplished.... More >

Thank you for your determination and teamwork!

We all want to share a massive thank you to all our staff who have battled through extremely challenging weather conditions this week. We have received feedback from numerous sources – staff, managers and even commissioners – regarding the determination and commitment our staff are showing for the... More >