My goal in life is to make a difference to others lives where I can

We spoke to a number of dedicated employees at Voyage Care about why they chose a career in care. Here, Lyndsay, a Senior Support Worker at one of our residential homes in Yorkshire, tells us why she became a support worker and what it’s like working for Voyage Care.

Hi my name is Lyndsay, I have been working for Voyage Care for the past 9 years and I work at a residential service for adults with learning disabilities. I was a support worker for many years and have now progressed into my current role of senior support worker/shift leader.

Why I became a support worker?

I have always wanted a career in health and social care from a young age and studied a health and social care diploma level 3 before starting work at Voyage Care. I am a caring person and my goal in life is to make a difference to others lives where I can, and in this role I do achieve this on a daily basis. I help the people we support to live their lives the way they wish, ensuring their needs are met and I thrive to help them achieve their personal goals in life, along with the support from my work colleagues.

Why I like working for Voyage care?

I have worked for Voyage Care for 9 years and have received an excellent training package which continues to expand all the time, helping me gain knowledge and confidence. The relevant training I receive enables me to provide the best quality care possible.

Voyage Care always make sure that the people we support have a big part in voicing their thoughts and feelings on how their care is provided and contribute in many roles within the company. For example having spokes persons for different areas of support and care, quality checkers, work experience volunteers and many more. I do think this is a very good way of ensuring person centred care is provided across the board within the company as everybody is different!

What makes a great support worker?

In my opinion, what makes a great support worker is:

  • Having a caring nature
  • Be an open minded individual
  • Be able to work effectively as a team member
  • Have a passion for health and social care

My advice to someone thinking about a job in social care

My advice would be if you are an individual who is of a caring nature and wants to make a difference to others lives, give it a go! It might be something you really embrace and it is certainly a very rewarding job!

What is my favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of my job is knowing I have helped the people we support daily, and no matter how small I have supported them to achieve something, it made a difference to their day.

I know I am appreciated because…

I have a very supportive manager who is always supporting me with advice in how to fulfil my role and if I need any support I know it is there! I also have a very supportive team who are also striding to provide the best quality care for the people living at the home.

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