My career with Voyage Care – Robert Brady, Director of People and Development

What I do to show my team I appreciate them

I thank them. Sometimes just a thank you is all that’s needed. I also listen to them. I give them flexibility in the department and let them know that they can run with ideas. We haven’t got a rigidness in our team, we handle everything with a human approach, and they know that I appreciate everything that they do.

I know I’m appreciated because…

I get a sense of belonging when I’m speaking to others in the business. I feel able to run with my ideas and I know that I’m listened to. I constantly feel a sense of reward when I see the successes amongst my teams. I know I’m fully trusted to run my departments and get lots of guidance and advice.

What does it mean to work in social care?

I’m very proud to work in social care, I feel as though every day I am giving something back and making a real difference.

Before joining the Care Sector, I worked in the manufacturing industry, which had a completely different set of values and culture. With my job now, I know I’m affecting someone’s life in a positive way.

Why choose a career in social care

It’s really rewarding.

Health and social care is sometimes seen as a career where people cannot progress. However, I strongly believe there is a successful career pathway for those who want to progress. For example, I used to work with a Managing Director that started their career as a care worker. There is a career in care if you really want it. It’s my job to reinforce a career in care through unlocking the potential of our people through learning and development interventions.

My advice to someone thinking about a job in social care

Go for it. It is really rewarding. Think about the effect you can have on the lives of the people we support.

I have no regrets of joining the social care sector.

What you look for when recruiting – from CVs to interviews

I personally believe that Voyage Care have a special culture, and people have got to be able to fit into it.

We do also have to ensure that possible candidates are flexible and have the right skills to do the job, or that they are capable of attaining the skills once in the job.

I also believe it’s extremely important that they fit into the team, share our vision as well as the company values.

Why I love working at Voyage Care

I’ve been at Voyage Care for just over a year and I really love the people here. Everyone works really well together, there is great team working environment.

In past jobs, I’ve been on the other end of the scale. I once worked for another company that was the total opposite from Voyage Care. There was no support available, I and other colleagues lived in fear of losing our jobs. At Voyage Care, I don’t feel like this. We all work hard. The focus is about delivering great quality care. 

I like what we do here, there’s always a nice atmosphere. When you speak to the staff in our residential homes, day centres and at Group Support, you know everyone is really passionate about the care and support we provide.

My favourite part of the job

I love that every single day is different. There’s always a fresh challenge or something we are celebrating. I get to work on exciting new projects daily. It never gets boring.

Your career in training

I have 20 years’ experience working in training.

I started my training career working as a Training Manager in engineering. I then joined a private training provider who specialised in qualifications and funding. After this, I had the opportunity to work in the consultancy market.

I then made the moved into Health and Social Care, where I lead an L&D function for over 8 years. After leaving this role, I joined Voyage Care and I haven’t looked back since.

Do you recommend a career in training?

Yes I would definitely recommend a career in training. You can really affect people’s lives.

You get to do a lot of different things and it’s extremely rewarding. There can be challenges along the way but the rewarding part is seeing somebody achieve and progress.

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