My friend loves her job and I was intrigued…

Natasha saw how much her friend loved her job and this made her want to find out more about working for Voyage Care. She visited our website, applied for a support worker role and got the job! We spoke to Natasha about starting a new job during lockdown.

“The recruitment team were really good”

Natasha felt nervous about applying for a job during lockdown as she didn’t know what the recruitment process was going to be.

The recruitment team have been working hard to make changes, in response to COVID -19, and to make it easier and more comfortable for applicants.

So, what does this refined process look like?

Natasha first got an email to confirm she was shortlisted for the support worker role. Then she got a phone call to run through the ins and outs of the job and ask any questions that she had.

She commented “Obviously with the pandemic, it is very difficult to be able to get out and about, with what you are and what you aren’t allowed to do. So, the fact that Wendy took time to ring me as well, to ask how I was, and find out more about me as a person in regards to my caring and things like that was really nice.”

Video interview

A brand-new initiative as part of this refined process, is video interviews. They were introduced during lockdown to make the recruitment process safe for applicants. Natasha did her interview on Skype.

We asked Natasha how she found the Skype interview

“It was really nice to be able to see people, and just to discuss obviously about the job itself, and just getting a sense of knowing that you’d be welcomed before you get there, because obviously it was very surreal interview that I’d never had before, but it was just a nice process the whole way through.”

We understand interviews can make people nervous. Read our interview tips to help you prepare for your interview.


All Voyage Care staff are required to complete training when they join the company. In normal circumstances some of our training is held face to face at Group Support. Due to COVID-19, we have made changes and introduced online group sessions.

Another adjustment we have made is to give new starters access to online training before they start if they have time to do it. Natasha took advantage of this to get up to speed before her first day. She continues to learn and develop through online training and resources.

A plaque to say thank you

Natasha found the recruitment process easier than she expected and felt she was able to get to know a lot about her new team in advance.

“I was obviously really quite nervous with starting a new job as everybody is, I’m sure. But the fact that I spoke to Wendy over the phone as well which helped, and then when I walked in the staff that was on that day made me feel really welcome.”

To thank everyone for their warm welcome, she bought them a lovely plaque:

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