Interview tips

First impressions are important and that’s what an interview is: your very first impression! We understand interviews can be scary at times and preparation is key! We’ve put together all the important stuff that you need to know about interviews and advice on how to best prepare. So, read on and take some notes if you need to.

If you apply for a job with Voyage Care and are asked to interview at one of our services, well done! You’ve already got our attention and we want to know more about you. That’s an important first step.

How should you dress?

There is no need to overdress! We don’t expect you to wear expensive-looking suits or a formal dress. Smart but casual is the way to go.

How should you prepare?

Here are a few questions to get your thinking about what you need to prepare:

  • Do you know where you’re going?
  • If you’re driving, is car parking available?
  • Who’s interviewing you?
  • What do you know about the service or the job?
  • Why do you want to work in the social care sector?
  • How can you show that you are a caring person and match the Voyage Care values?

Remember the interview is a chance to have a chat with you and get to know you as a person. Be prepared to talk about all the exciting stuff you do and how wonderful you are!

When should you arrive?

It sounds obvious but it’s important to give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview on time. We advise to arrive about 10 minutes early.

However, we know some things are out of your control, such as closed motorways, road closures and delays in public transport. If that does happen, please call the interviewer to let them know that you will be late. It’s important to communicate or you risk giving a bad first impression!

Things to consider at the interview

Try to relax. It’s a conversation. If it helps, pretend that it’s not an interview but just a chat about yourself.

The interviewer is not there to put you off guard or put you under pressure. In fact, it’s their role to make you feel as comfortable as possible! Someone at ease is more likely to express themselves better than someone who is stressed.

We want to know about your skills and experience – whether they are in social care or a completely different role.

Remember to tell us clearly why would you be a good fit to the team? We recruit based on our values, so do tell us how you apply our values.

Also remember to talk about your interests and any fun things you do. What do you do in your spare time? Do you play sports? Do you have any hobbies? This gives us an idea of the type of person you are and what you enjoy – it could help us match you to support someone with similar interests.

Should you ask questions too?

Absolutely! This is your chance to learn more about the company and see if it’s a place you’d like to work.

It’s very important to remember that the interviewer should make a good first impression to you too. It’s a two-way street. They should be trying to sell the job to you too with their answers!

If you have an interview with us, these tips should help show us the very best of you.

Good luck!

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