How Lorraine is helping to keep people safe at Heather House

Meet Lorraine!

Lorraine is a person we support at Heather House, one of our residential care homes in Tyne & Wear. She has recently become Heather House’s Infection Control Champion, helping to keep her fellow residents and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What encouraged Lorraine to become the services Infection Control Champion?

Since the start of the pandemic, Lorraine has been curious about COVID-19 and has stayed up to date with the government announcements. When one of the residents at Heather House asked a member of staff why they have to wear a mask and why they are always wiping down door handles, Lorraine was eager to answer. Before the staff member could respond, she explained that this was to reduce the spread of the COVID-19.

Heather House actively encourage residents to get involved in day-to-day tasks at the home as part of their “My choice, my voice” initiative. The aim is for residents to have more control and a sense of autonomy for their own home. As Lorraine has shown such an interest in COVID-19, Service Manager Graham asked if she would like to get involved in keeping the service safe by becoming Heather House’s Infection Control Champion, to which Lorraine enthusiastically agreed!

What does the role of infection control champion mean?

Lorraine helps to keep the staff and people we support safe at Heather House. With the assistance of staff, Lorraine carries out regular checks most days. This includes monitoring the cleaning schedule, carrying out personal protection equipment (PPE) checks and asking for staff members’ temperatures when they arrive at the service. Through discussions with the staff team, Lorraine keeps up to date with all safety requirements and even has her own file to keep everything in check.

How has this helped Lorraine and the other people we support?

Regular changes in guidance and restrictions, plus the need for PPE, can be confusing for the people we support. In a relaxed way, Lorraine has helped the other residents to understand why our teams are carrying out additional cleaning and wearing PPE. She has even encouraged others to get more involved too! We asked Lorraine about what she thinks about her role as Infection Control Champion, she said, “It’s nice to be able to help… I want to keep everyone safe so they can see their families.”

We’re keeping you safe at Voyage Care

We remain focused on adhering to all the latest government guidance and advice relating to the global spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The health and wellbeing of the people we support, and our staff teams remains our highest priority. To learn more about what we are doing, visit our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) resource area.

Please note: This article is about events that happened during the COVID-19 pandemic and reflects the safety measures based on Government advice during that specific time period. Please be assured that at all times, Voyage Care follows the appropriate COVID-19 safety measures to keep our staff and the people we support safe.

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