Broadview are feeling Zen

During lockdown, it’s important now more than ever, that we take a step back and relax. Broadview have been doing just that with their ’Zen nights’: encouraging the people we support to take some time out to look after themselves and switch off.

So what does a Zen night involve?

Staff supported residents into their favourite PJs early. They then headed to the lounge where staff had dimmed the lights and put on some relaxing music. The lamps were turned on and more importantly, the TV was turned off.

All of the residents chose somewhere in the lounge to sit or lay down. Some took turns to lay on the couch, whilst others chose to relax in a chair.

Everyone was encouraged to bring their own moisturising creams and staff also bought a selection of face masks for them to choose from.

It was then time for their treatments! From facials to some hand and back massages, staff provided a spa experience at home.

Team Leader, Sue couldn’t believe how quiet the room was; “They were given time between treatments to rest and take in the lovely quiet atmosphere. You could hear a pin drop! Quite the achievement for our chatty bunch.”

After their Zen night everyone headed to bed super relaxed. The next morning, the Broadview residents said how well they had slept and were already asking when the next one would be.

“Everyone said how amazing they felt and what a good night sleep they had. I watched all of them slip into a quiet slumber!” says Sue.

Want to host your own Zen night? Follow Broadview’s top tips below:

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