Renton Court

Renton Court is an 11 bedded building. This is split into a house and a bungalow. In the bungalow we have 5 people we support who are wheel chair users.

Supporting you

They are 5 very happy people who enjoy activities from swimming to going on holidays bowling is another great activity that they enjoy. The people we support in the bungalow are all no verbal and are supported to communicate using their preferred method.

The house has 6 people we support who are a little more independent and are verbal. Again they all enjoy daily activities of swimming sailing bowling cinema and going away on annual holidays.

We have 1 lady who attends a day centre Monday to Friday.


We are located on the outskirt of the town, in a quiet area in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. We are close to a train and bus station.


We have a large rear garden.


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