Barrows Reach

At Barrows Reach, we provide support for people with epilepsy and learning disabilities to lead meaningful and enriching lives by promoting quality of life and choice.


Barrows Reach is situated in the picturesque country side of Wormelow in Hereford with a local pub approximately 5 minutes walk down the drive and a slightly longer walk to the nearby shop. We have a farm in close proximity where people are able to volunteer to look after animals and learn the exciting aspects of farming and it's a short 20 minute drive away from bike riding, swimming, horse riding and many more interesting activities around Hereford.


Our property consists of four attached apartments, which all have their very own open space to allow you to relax inside and outside. The living accommodation is light, airy and well ventilated. There is under-floor heating which is very subtle and provides a healthy atmosphere.

Our home also incorporates the latest technology to promote the best care. All rooms are fully adaptable, able to take ceiling tracking hoists, and have space for communal and private living that well exceeds the minimum standards. Other facilities include a sensory room, laundries, apartments to provide independent move-on accommodation, and landscaped and sensory gardens.

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