The Three Sisters a-maize-ing creations

As Learning Disability Week 2021 continues, we’re bringing you more stories from across our services to share some of the fantastic crafty and creative activities that the people we support get involved with. This time, from our residential care home in Yorkshire, Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters is located in Howarth, West Yorkshire, where the local community recently held a scarecrow hunt. One of our support workers, Jessica, enlisted the help of residents Damien and Jordan to create something pretty spectacular to add to the hunt. Jessica, Damien and Jordan created the three Brontë sisters. The well-known sisters, famous for their novels and poetry, lived in the Bronte country, which is where the Voyage Care Three Sisters Service is located.

Using clothes donated by the staff team and straw from a local garden centre, the service waited for a sunny day before building the sisters. They fastened each of the body parts in place and added their faces before Damien and the staff team carried the scarecrows to the end of the drive at the Three Sisters. Jessica told us, “The people we support were very proud of what they created and every time we passed them in the mini bus, they pointed out what they had made.”

About the creators

Meet Damien (Pictured below on the right). Damien joined Three Sisters in 2006. He loves to help others, whether it is the other residents, community or staff. He enjoys creative activities, such as painting, drawing or any form of arts and crafts. Damien told us, “I really enjoyed making the scarecrows, my favourite part was stuffing the clothes with straw and drawing the faces with my colouring pens! I carried my scarecrow up to the top of the drive myself and Jess helped to make the faces plastic to keep them safe.”

Meet Jordan (Pictured below on the left). Jordan moved to Three Sisters in 2019. He has made lots of new friends and loves to socialise with the other residents, especially when singing, dancing and trampolining! We asked Jordan what he enjoyed about making the scarecrows. He shared, “I enjoyed doing the scarecrows, they looked funny. It was hard to carry the scarecrow up to the top of the drive because it was heavy, but Jess helped by holding one side, so it wasn’t as heavy.”

The people we support at Three Sisters love to make the most of their surroundings and regularly get involved with activities as part of their local community.

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