Supporting Longmore Road to lead a healthy life with health sessions

This week we spoke to Linda, the Service Manager at our residential care home in Berkshire, Longmore Road. Previously Longmore Road had monthly healthcare sessions that were run by an external company. Recently, it was announced that Longmore Road secured additional funding from the local council to bring back health sessions with Sue, the Your Voice Manager. Your Voice is an organisation that helps people get the best out of health and social care provision by using effective and engaging expertise that’s efficient and inclusive.

Kickstart Your Voice

Sue visited the excited ladies at Longmore Road in August for their first health session.

As an ice breaker, Sue used a dice game, where a die was rolled and when landed on a person, they introduced and shared interesting fact about themselves. Along with prompts, Sue uses flash cards throughout the health sessions to support non-verbal residents.

Afterwards, dealing with emergency services was also a topic of discussion. Sue has an open discussion with the ladies about various health issues and where to go for help as this could help save someone’s life by identifying any health issues before it needs serious medical attention. As there are vulnerable people we support living at Longmore Road, having to call 999 is known action when people become very ill. All the ladies were very understanding and supportive, knowing that when 999 is contacted, it is for an important reason.

It’s even more important now, because of COVID-19, to encourage people to talk about health and remind people that there is help out there and you only have to ask, and people will support you.

Linda Neilson , Service Manager at Longmore Road

Spotting the signs of abnormal breasts

Alongside visit  Your Voice, Longmore Road also have visits from breast nurses and other additional health support services. At the end of August, Amy, a Breast Nurse, came to explain the ladies the importance of recognising any changes or anomalies in their breasts.

Last year, one of the residents at Longmore Road discovered a lump in her breast and went to the doctor for a breast screening, making it even more necessary for all the residents at Longmore Road to be informed and educated with health sessions. Even though the lump turned out to be nothing to worry about, the residents at Longmore Road now know that you should still have any abnormality checked out.

The ladies all gladly participated in the session and found it to be really beneficial. On an artificial breast provided by Amy, it was explained to the residents how to examine their breasts for any lumps. The artificial breast was to be used to find any lumps and to see how many someone could find, encouraging the ladies to check their own breasts. Having an artificial breast was also a great activity for the residents who are very sensory as the breast was made out of silicone.

All the ladies at Longmore Road are now confident in where and who to go for help after their health sessions. Even if a personal situation may seem embarrassing to talk about, they are supported to talk with health industry professionals about any concerns or problems in a safe place .

We asked one of the residents, Ziela, why health checks are important and she said, “In case you find something that isn’t not normal, because health is important so that you don’t get unwell.”

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