North View achieves NAS accreditation!

We’re thrilled to share that North View, one of our residential care homes in West Yorkshire, has been re-accredited by the National Autistic Society (NAS)!

At North View, we provide support for up to six people with autism, learning disabilities and associated complex needs. The service joined the Voyage Care family back in January 2024 as part of an acquisition, and although they had previously received accreditation at their previous organisation, it was time for them to work towards re-accreditation as a standalone service at Voyage Care.

We caught up with Service Manager, Richard Mills, to hear all about their recent accreditation, what it means for North View, and any tips they have for other services looking to reach the same level!

How does it feel to have achieved NAS re-accreditation?

It feels so amazing to have achieved an NAS accreditation for the second time. This time round is even more special as we are now a standalone service under Voyage Care! The team at North View are incredible and I can’t thank them enough for their input and support surrounding the accreditation.

Throughout our journey to re-accreditation, Raj, the National Autism Lead for Voyage Care and external moderator for the NAS, was so supportive and helpful. He guided us through the processes and was there to support us on assessment day. Having his feedback on how happy he is with the way we lead North View is so rewarding!

Tell us all about the assessment process

Prior to the accreditation, we had a meeting with the NAS assessor, where they explained what we needed to do to work towards re-accreditation, and how things had changed in the accreditation process since our last assessment. This meant the process was longer and more documentation would need to be completed before the assessment day.

We also spent time with the team doing additional coaching sessions around autism, to ensure knowledge and skills remained up to date.

Raj visited the service and advised us on our plan of action for working through the accreditation.

He read through our documentation and met with the assessor at the same time we did, to ensure we took a consistent approach. He also attended on assessment day, spending time with our management team to discuss good practice from other services and support us throughout the process.

On the day of the assessment, we wanted to demonstrate to the assessor what a normal day at North View looked like. They were particularly impressed with our level of communication and the person-centred care we provide for the people we support!

We use a range of methods to effectively engage with the people we support. One method of communication we use are picture books, which help individuals to communicate with us.

We use communication aids and planners in everyday life at the service and I was confident this approach would come across well to the assessor.

How did you ensure the people we support were comfortable during the assessment?

Before the assessment day, I spoke to the people we support to explain that the assessor was there to see all our good work. To get them familiar with the assessor, we printed off a picture of them and added a little biography about them on the visitor board. This helped them to visualise them and feel comfortable when they arrived at North View.

We told the people we support that the assessor would just be in the background, and it would just be like any other day, so they were able to continue their day as normal.

A normal day at North View involves structure and routine. From getting up and ready for the day, to starting our first activities – normally involving something active such as swimming, attending the gym, going for a walk, or enjoying some Zumba. This then leads us nicely onto lunch time.

Generally, our afternoons are filled with activities such as arts and crafts or volunteering. We than have our evening meal and final choice of activity, often including cinema visits, bowling or just simply relaxing.

Quote from Service Manager, Richard Mills.

What was a key factor in achieving your NAS accreditation?

The team’s management qualities and communication were key to us achieving our accreditation -something we are so proud of!

Another key factor was having a great understanding of the people we support. Getting to know each and every one of them, their interests, and goals, really helps us build a person-centred care plan that is right for them.

What tips would you give to other services working towards NAS accreditation?

Go for it! My top tip would be to make sure you show you can support individuals’ needs and step away – so you’re not doing everything for them.

The assessor was looking to see how we support the people at North View on a day-to-day basis to become more independent and achieve their goals.

Also, communication is key! Being able to show you communicate in a person-centred way that maximises confidence for that individual!

What’s next for North View?

Our main goal is to continue providing outstanding care for the people we support, while advancing our learning to improve the care we provide. We will continue to keep our support specific to every individual’s needs!

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