‘I have found something with purpose and meaning – the best is yet to come’

When I was growing up I always dreamt of playing centre forward for Man City, but like many other children, my ‘dream career’ wasn’t to be. Mainly because I was absolutely terrible, but I like to think it was because I was supposed to travel on a different career path. I started my working life as a trained accountant – I had the opportunity to work in many different areas and although I had some fantastic experiences, I regret that I didn’t find social care sooner.

This year, International Men’s Day is focusing on male role models and I’m sure you will agree the social care sector is full of incredibly inspirational people. Bringing together a broad range of people is really powerful; the care sector should mirror society, so it’s important that we encourage people from all walks of life, including men, to venture into a career in care.

There is a stigma attached to working in this sector; some people think that it’s a ‘woman’s job’ and it’s become a social norm that jobs requiring an element of care, such as nursing and teaching are for women only – I couldn’t disagree more.

I really think that if anybody could see the real difference you can make, how life turns from black and white into techni-colour when you are working with such inspirational individuals, more people, not just men, would want to be a part of it.

Whenever I talk to people about what I do, I usually get a very positive reaction – the work I am involved in brings more joy and happiness than I can imagine any job could bring (even pulling on the Man City jersey!)

I have found something with purpose and meaning, the difference you can make to people’s lives makes this job very special and I like to believe the best is yet to come.

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