Striving for excellence: How we provide exceptional care and support across Scotland

Monday 1 May 2023 marks the start of Scottish Learning Disability Week and we’re taking the time to celebrate our teams in Scotland that go above and beyond to provide exceptional care and support.

Voyage Care strives to provide quality care and support across the UK – and Scotland is no exception! We’re incredibly proud of all our Scottish services as they have all achieved a quality score of ‘Good’ or higher by the Care Inspectorate, with an average score of ‘Very Good’.

How do we measure quality?

Measuring quality is extremely important to ensure we deliver a good standard of care to the people we support.

In Scotland, we are regulated by the Care Inspectorate who evaluate the quality of our services using a six-point scale from unsatisfactory (one) to excellent (six).

However, this is just one of the ways we measure quality at our services. At Voyage Care we have our own robust quality system in place that involves regular audits, quality checkers and our famous quality roadshows.

This approach ensures the people we support receive care and support they deserve, but it also allows us to use experiences and expertise from a range of people across the Voyage Care family to drive quality care and success!

Coming together to achieve success

We spoke to Paul Brockie, Operations Director for Voyage Care’s Northern Region, who explains how teamwork and dedication have been key to achieving consistently high-quality scores in Scotland:

“Our services are incredibly dedicated to ensuring the people we support are safe, comfortable, and engaged. We have a very close team in Scotland, and we’ve collectively helped each other out across the board, whether that be internal support teams or external quality teams. Learning disability support is always a person-centred approach and it’s all about consistency and flexibility.”

Our teams in Scotland ensure they continue to achieve high quality scores and provide the best possible care to the people they support by continually evolving their support techniques and finding areas for improvement.

They continue to work across other teams and have regular multi-disciplinary meetings where clinical, health and social teams come together to offer valuable insight.

The future of care in Scotland

As our Voyage Care services grow and new opportunities arise in the Northern region, our teams in Scotland are dedicated to ensuring the care and support they provide remains of high standard, and that their scores reflect that.

“We want to keep encouraging the people we support to progress in their independence and achieve their goals. We will continue to make sure the people we support are at the centre of all we do and deliver the type of care you would expect from family. The end goal has always been the same; to enable the people we support to lead enriching and fulfilling lives.” – Paul Brockie, Operations Director – Northern Region.

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