Keeping the faith

COVID-19 has impacted the routine of the people we support in many ways but across our services we have seen our staff teams work hard to ensure that they can maintain their routine as best as possible.

At Hall Green Road in the West Midlands, staff have been working closely with resident Michael to ensure he’s been able to keep up a routine with his religion.

Adapting the routine

Michael would usually attend his weekly church service on Sunday mornings but unable to do this, staff asked Michael how they could support him during this time.

Throughout the last few months, Michael now has a 1-1 session every Sunday morning with a staff member. In these sessions they read through the bible together, as well as discuss topics and hymns. The sessions are lead by a staff member with similar religious beliefs to aid with the discussions.

Keeping in touch with the community

They have also kept in contact with the local church, with a member of the church who calls Michael on a weekly basis for a chat about a sermon of choice. Staff have found keeping Michael in contact with the local community has really helped him over the last few months.

Michael said he is so grateful that he can still express his religious beliefs.

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