Fun and fulfilling experiences for people with learning disabilities!

People with learning disabilities often battle against social stigmas surrounding their disabilities. They can be unfairly seen as just their disabilities and not the people they are below the surface. With these misconceptions about who they are and the lives they lead, they face a great deal of exclusion, presenting them with additional challenges and disadvantages.  

But despite the challenges and social misconceptions, people with learning disabilities have the same potential as everyone else. As unique individuals with their own ambitions, preferences, and interests, the only thing stopping them is other people’s perceptions! With more inclusion practices throughout public events and places of interest, people with learning disabilities can engage in a range of fun activities and experiences just like everyone else.

As advocates for the people we support with learning disabilities, we work to break down the barriers they face in daily life – including those that stop them having fun!

So, what are the barriers to having fun?

It’s important to recognise the various barriers that can hinder people with learning disabilities from fully enjoying activities and having heaps of fun. Some common obstacles are:

  • Lack of accessible facilities: many activities aren’t inclusive for people with learning disabilities, making it difficult for them to participate.
  • Negative attitudes and stigma: negative stereotypes and misconceptions about learning disabilities mean people underestimate abilities, leading to exclusion.  
  • Communication difficulties: difficulties in communication can create barriers in social situations, like group activities.
  • Low self-esteem: negative experiences or lack of encouragement can lead to low self-confidence; discouraging people from trying new activities.
  • Financial challenges: cost can create barriers, particularly if specialised programmes or adaptive equipment are needed.
  • Lack of support: individuals might struggle to participate in activities without the right support or adaptive resources.

We like to party!


At Voyage Care, we believe in equal opportunities for everyone. This means that, for the people we support, we look at their abilities, not their disabilities. We understand that different ways of having fun, like going to the pub or dancing the night away aren’t widely accessible and people with learning disabilities often struggle to access places like nightclubs.  Lack of accessible features and social stigmas make socialising over a mocktail a difficult feat.

However, our team at Three Sisters, a residential care home in West Yorkshire, helped three people we support, Tracy, Jordan, and Damien attend a special nightclub event in March 2024! The event at Acapulco nightclub in Halifax was specifically for people with learning disabilities and special educational needs.

The accessible club night was a huge success, attracting over 200 partygoers! The people we support had a wonderful time and are looking forward to future events!


Some people with learning disabilities face challenges in attending festivals due to accessibility issues. This includes difficulties traveling to events, accessing facilities like toilets, and requiring specialist communication support, such as sign language interpreters for those with hearing loss. And, amid the hustle and bustle, individuals might need quiet spaces to relax and avoid sensory overload.

Photo of some people with learning disabilities at the Awakening Festival.

In June 2024, the support team at one of our supported living properties in Bo’ness assisted five people  with learning disabilities to attend the Awakening Festival in Falkirk.

This inclusive event featured live music, circus acts, fairground attractions, and a sensory sanctuary designed to engage and stimulate peoples’ senses in a calming environment.

The people we support also had the opportunity to interact with therapy horses and dogs, as well as explore market stalls and emergency vehicle displays at the festival.

Three people in a photo who attended the Awakening Festival.


Photo of Ian who went on holiday to Benidorm.

Ian, a person we support at Riverside and Roseberry Lodges, a residential care home in Middlesbrough, expressed his desire for a holiday in Spain. Our support team carefully considered his needs and chose Benidorm as the destination, specifically the family-friendly Flamingo Oasis hotel.

When planning Ian’s getaway, his team also considered certain things including the hotel’s family-friendly atmosphere, entertainment options, familiarity for the Support Worker, adult-only section, and accessibility features, like walk-in showers.

Before jetting off, Ian’s Support Worker also helped him pack his suitcase and prepared the necessary documents and expenses for the trip, including flight details and spending.

After finishing holiday preparations with Ian, the team flew into the sunset and Ian had the holiday of a lifetime!

Ian had the best time exploring Peacock Island, visiting pubs and the beach, and even enjoying one of his favourite nights out at Benidorm Palace for entertainment!

Our specialist learning disability support.

While people with learning disabilities may face several barriers to having fun, it’s important to remember that these challenges can be overcome. With increased awareness, accessibility considerations and a supportive team, we can create inclusive spaces where everyone can enjoy and participate in fun activities!

Our dedicated teams do this daily, helping break down barriers, challenging misconceptions and providing specialist support to people with learning disabilities so they can experience true joy. By having empathy and understanding through high-quality training and advocating for equal opportunities, we empower people with learning disabilities to lead fun, fulfilled lives.

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