Hard work leads to National Autistic Society re-accreditation in Godmanchester!

We are thrilled that our supported living service in Godmanchester has achieved a National Autistic Society (NAS) accreditation for the second time!

Having achieved their first accreditation in 2019, the team are continually working to empower people with autism to live incredible lives.

We caught up with Rebecca Rayner (Branch Manager) to see what the NAS re-accreditation means to them.

How does it feel to be re-accredited?

Finding out that we’d been re-accredited was an amazing feeling! The consistent hard work we all put in is something I’m really proud of.

Collaborating closely as a team has ensured our service stays consistent – giving the people we support and their families confidence that we are offering the highest quality care.

It is also so important for us to always follow best practice, to ensure we provide life-changing experiences for the people we support.

The training and support we’ve received from Voyage Care has been fantastic. We’ve had numerous opportunities to learn and develop our skills which have been key to achieving our re-accreditation.

This achievement means so much to the team, and it highlights every individual’s specialist knowledge.

What was the process for being assessed for re-accreditation?

Firstly, we were introduced to Raj, who is the National Autism Lead for Voyage Care. Raj also works as an external moderator for the National Autistic Society (NAS).

His experience and knowledge is invaluable, helping ours and other Voyage Care services to appropriately support autistic people to live meaningful lives.

He was brilliant from start to finish – explaining everything we needed to know throughout our re-accreditation journey. This included the activities that would form part of the assessment, the key people involved and what we would need to deliver to pass the assessment.

Next, we had to show Raj that our paperwork was up to date, ensuring all activities the people we support were doing were outlined on their personal records.

Raj was happy that all our records were in order…so it was time to begin the assessment.

Due to their autism diagnoses, the people we support feel most comfortable in a daily routine. On assessment day we made things as relaxing as possible for them, sticking to what was familiar in their daily lives, and making sure they were aware of what would be happening and when.

Rebecca Rayner quote

The assessment was a big success. It highlights our dedication to providing high-quality care that helps the people we support achieve their goals and live fulfilled lives – something we can all be proud of!

What tips would you give to other services facing their first accreditation or re-accreditation?

It’s important to always look at how you can improve what you do for the people you support. Look at things from their perspective, and what they need to live their best life.

Confidently display the knowledge you’ve learned, and access as much training as you can – there’s always room to develop!

Take on board feedback from the people you support. Small changes can have a big impact on someone’s life.

Finally, utilise Raj as much as possible. He has so much knowledge and is so passionate about helping others. Learn from him and use the experience to help the people you support succeed.

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