Discussing dual diagnoses at Neuro Convention 2024

At Neuro Convention 2024, we presented a seminar on a very important topic. Voyage Care’s very own brain injury Operations Director, Vicki Bennett, and Developments Director, Alan Marshall, presented a special seminar, exploring the link between mental health and brain injuries and what a dual diagnosis means for someone’s support.

Uncloaking the difficulties people with dual diagnoses face, they sparked conversations on how we can all work together to reshape support across the social care sector, ensuring people with dual diagnoses receive the best possible outcomes.  

Spotlight on our topic

The topic of mental health has gained increasing popularity in both the social care sector and everyday life. We now talk about mental health differently and, with taboos and stereotypes lifted, it’s now at the heart of health agendas worldwide. But, for people who have suffered brain injuries, mental health isn’t always pitted as priority.

In our seminar Vicki and Alan unpicked scientific facts with industry leading Psychologists, presented tangible interviews with our own brain injury experts, and spoke candidly about the importance of person-centred care and why we all need to advocate for collective change.

We also heard from three people we support, who bravely told their dual diagnosis stories. Voicing valuable insights into exactly what matters to someone at the centre of a dual diagnosis, they shared important opinions on how the sector could change to best support the whole person, not just their conditions.  

Exciting expansion plans

As part of our continued commitment to providing high quality care and support to people who have suffered brain injuries, we also announced details of our current rehabilitation service developments. With three new services set to open in 2024, we’re rapidly expanding our portfolio, providing even more essential support to those with brain injuries.

Offering support at every stage of the rehabilitation journey, our new developments will focus on slow stream rehabilitation, punctuated by our unique therapy provision. With each service embedded within rich, vibrant communities, future housemates will have abundant opportunities to fuse their therapy with functional, everyday scenarios.

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Our presentation was the talk of the event and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Didn’t make it to our seminar at Neuro Convention 2024? Grab your tissues and hit the button below to download the interactive PDF of our slides, complete with full presenter notes and videos of the people we support.

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