As part of our mission to providing great quality care and support, we have committed to developing as many Good or Outstanding services as possible. 

So what do these high quality services look like?

"Good and Outstanding services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. Among the best care we have found is in services that acknowledge there is always room for improvement – they are proactive, seeking feedback on their services and learning from concerns and complaints."

CQC, 2017 

We are delighted to have a high number of services to have been awarded Outstanding elements as well as six services to have been rated overall Outstanding. This is testament to our hard-working and passionate staff teams that work tirelessly to implement positive outcomes for the people we support. 

Outstanding services

Barley Close, Devon

This is a ten place residential home that aims to support each individual's needs, choices and aspirations. They received their Outstanding rating in June 2016 and have continued to show why they deserve this accolade.

"We were so happy to recieve the Outstanding rating nad it has definitely had an impact on the staff and the epopel we support here at Barley Close. We have a long list of people who want to be supported by us as a result!"

Matthew Guest – Service manager

Derwent Cottages, North Yorkshire

A four person, caring service that offers highly specialised support whilst still maintaining and encouraging the people we support's independence. In March 2017 they retained their CQC Outstanding rating for a second time. 

"We have been rated Outstanding for 5 years which is fantastic! This is a reflection of the care and magic the people we support receive from staff on a daily basis and I couldn’t be any more proud of them. The people we support, their voices, meeting their needs and life ambitions is what’s important to us and I feel this is what was seen"

Kelly Barnard – Service manager

Garfield Grange, East Riding of Yorkshire

One of our residential homes that supports five individuals with profound learning disabilities and physical disabilities to lead an enriching and happy life. They received their Outstanding rating in July 2018.

"The staff always go that extra mile for me as manager, for Voyage Care and most importantly for the people who need our support. I couldn’t have done it without them, they are simply amazing."

Karina Whitehead – Service manager 

Nottingham DCA, Nottingham

A community support hub in Nottingham that support a variety or individuals to live as independently as possible. In February 2018, they became the first community support service to receive a CQC Outstanding rating.

"I am still stunned, I don’t think I understand the significance of what we do every day, from me as a manager, to support workers and everyone else in between. We do what we love to do, and we care." 

Michelle Anstee – Service manager

Sanderling House, Mersyside

One of our brain injury rehabilitation services in Liverpool. They support 7 people living with brain injuries to lead a fulfilling quality of life and received their CQC Outstanding rating in June 2018. 

"Every member of staff goes the extra mile for the people we support in one way or another. The feel of the service is a home from home and each person we support is given the opportunity to live their life to their fullest."

Rachel Campbell – Service manager

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