Henry's story

Henry currently lives at one of our homes in Merseyside. He has Korsakoff syndrome and paranoid schizophrenia. Before moving into the home, he had very little communication with members of his family.

His relationship with his daughters was very poor and often resulted in tense and argumentative moments. Henry’s daughters visited every other month, but he would become hostile towards them and the visits never resulted in a positive outcome.

The staff started to review Henry’s medication and his rehabilitation. Slowly, his family became more involved and were keen to be regularly informed about his progress. Henry’s support team developed a good relationship with his daughters and would update them about his week each Friday.

His daughters began to visit him every weekend and Henry started to take more care in his personal appearance if he knew they were coming.

Eventually, his daughters started to bring his grandchildren to the home where they spent most of their time in the communal areas. After a number of positive visits, the family began to work with staff to arrange afternoons in the community with Henry, going for lunch or even back to the family home in Wirral.

Over time, Henry’s relationship with his daughters has greatly improved. He is now invited to larger family celebrations such as weddings and christenings.

Because Henry wasn’t receiving 1:1 care in his support package, staff found it difficult to continue his home visits on a regular basis. However, after several meetings, they have now organised monthly visits to Wirral when they are joined by another person they support. After dropping Henry off with his family, staff and the other person they support take part in different activities and pick Henry up later that day.

Henry’s family relationships have come a long way. His wife, who had never visited Henry at the home in Merseyside, has now begun to visit on a regular basis. Henry and his support team will continue to maintain and develop these positive relationships with his family.