"I would recommend it to anyone"

I joined Voyage Care after many years of working for the NHS, I needed a more flexible working life and wanted to work as part of a small team that I could really build a connection with. I tend to work at the same Voyage Care centre each shift, unless I am needed to cover elsewhere within my region, so I really understand the care required and also how to manage the individuals living there.

Each day is different and alongside making sure all medication is administered, we have to carry out clinical procedures and document everything so our colleagues are aligned across shifts. I work with a brilliant team of support workers who really understand the importance of the quality of care we offer at Voyage. It’s so important for our clients to have one-to-one support and we find the more they get to know us, the more confidence they have and the less anxious they become.

The health and social care sector is one of the most rapidly changing and high profile sectors. Don’t think it’s an easy job, there is as much pressure working here as there is working in an A&E department. Policy changes and financial challenges are putting greater demands on nurses and support workers, but it’s a brilliantly rewarding career and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about a career change.

Helena Smith

At Voyage Care, we know it takes great people to build a great company. That’s why we are committed to creating a culture that empowers to be your best every day. If you share our passion for person-centred care, we can promise you a career that offers you benefits, recognition and great training and development opportunities.

You can find more about careers with Voyage Care here. If you have any queries regarding your job search call us on 0800 035 5474 or email vacancies@voyagecare.com.