Willowbrook achieves Outstanding in Headway Accreditation

Congratulations to Willowbrook, our brain injury rehabilitation service in Leicestershire, for achieving their Outstanding Headway accreditation! Being Headway accredited means we’ve been recognised for our dedication and commitment to the people we support and the exceptional support we offer throughout their journey.

Willowbrook scored an impressive Outstanding in all six areas of the inspection, which includes:

  1. Culture – this is how dignity, privacy, care and family support is provided.
  2. Systems and processes –how clinical needs, such as safeguarding, are met. It also includes how goals are created and measured for both the team and the people we support.
  3. Workforce development –the quality of staff training for new starters, and how continuous training is provided for all the team.
  4. Service delivery – how different areas of support, such as support for cognitive needs and emotional support, are provided.
  5. Governance, leadership, management and quality – ensuring all procedures, health and safety policies and quality assurances are updated to a high standard.
  6. Environment – this is the services’ equipment, buildings and external spaces used to ensure they’re of the highest standard to enable a seamless brain injury rehabilitation journey for the people we support.

What is a Headway accreditation?

A Headway accreditation is a scheme created by the brain injury charity, Headway. It is there to ensure a brain injury rehabilitation service is meeting specific standards. Those who complete the inspection and become Headway accredited are listed as an approved provider on Headway’s website. Currently, we have sixteen Headway accredited brain injury services.

Headway accredited services are inspected every two years to ensure they are still able to meet the needs of those affected by a brain injury.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures in place, the inspection at Willowbrook took place in July over Microsoft Teams.  Although it much easier to assess a service in person rather than online, Headway were happy that residents were supported with kindness, respect and care. Even in the midst of a global pandemic we still obtained an Outstanding accreditation from Headway, meaning the team at Willowbrook had adapted and gone above and beyond what was required in providing exceptional service to the people we support.

Empowering residents

The team at Willowbrook were praised for their ability to assist the residents to develop and maintain their personal identify and choices. For example, they support residents through tailored activities around their specific cultural and spiritual needs. Lamin is a resident at Willow and a big part of his daily routine is being able to practice his religion. During the pandemic, he was supported to do this by providing visual prompts in his room. This meant he was able to complete his prayers facing towards Ka’bah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

We spoke to Vicki Bennett, Operations Manager for Willowbrook, and asked her what she thought of the accreditation news. “I am extremely proud of the service for empowering the residents each and every day, helping them to excel and surpass their own expectations! The team and Service Manager, Clare, have worked extremely hard to achieve this accreditation!”

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