Markham House welcomes four new bungalows

We are delighted to announce that Voyage Care is preparing to add four new bungalows to its brain injury rehabilitation service. Markham House in Chesterfield has been supporting people with brain injuries, learning disabilities and associated conditions for 15 years and is known for providing holistic and tailored rehabilitation pathways, the new bungalows mean more people can benefit from this specialist care and support.

The expansion of Markham House, currently consisting of two bungalows, four apartments and ensuite rooms, is welcomed by sector professionals who are keen to increase the provision of independent living. These new bungalows offer a transitional pathway back into the community for those with brain injuries, as well as supporting long-term placements for those that need it. The one-bedroom bungalows contain a bedroom, spacious kitchen-lounge and adaptive bathroom, encouraging those who require minimal support to live independently in a safe environment with support readily available if needed.

Vicki Bennett, Operations Manager at Voyage Care, said, “The demand for independent living is rising, and social care is moving away from the traditional care home with en-suite model that has dominated the sector for so long.”

“After consultations with commissioners, we’ve decided that Markham House will become a long-stay rehabilitation service going forward, given there will be more independent living options available when the bungalows are complete. The people we support are at the heart of everything we do, so we welcome this shift in care delivery that helps us to promote choice, independence and control for the individual, while ensuring their needs are met.”

Markham House bungalows are due to open early 2023 and we are looking for people we can support to help them in their recovery, the new addition of bungalows will allow us to help individuals take control of their lives after a brain injury and regain their independence.

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If you would like to find out more about our brain injury rehabilitation support, and register your interest in one of the four bungalows  please visit our Brain Injury Rehab page or fill out this enquiry form.

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