Community comes together as Darren and Adam cut the ribbon at Linnet Mews!

Earlier this year, we revealed exciting expansion plans within our sector-leading brain injury rehabilitation provision. Dedicated to improving the lives of people with brain injuries, we committed to opening three new brain injury services this year, providing an additional 51 beds across the North of England.

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated the completion of work on the first site of 2024! To mark this momentous occasion, our esteemed brain injury team ventured to Linnet Mews in Clowne, Chesterfield, for a VIP ribbon cutting ceremony.

Highly anticipated event

Congregating in the garden, guests were warmly welcomed by our brain injury team, including Operations Director, Vicki Bennett, Property Development Manager Karen Beydoun, and newly appointed Director, Michael Chawatama.

The highly anticipated VIP event attracted an array of industry professionals and members of the local community, all eager to see the latest addition to our brain injury rehabilitation portfolio.

On the day, special guests included James Birch, founder of Decently, a ground-breaking healthcare technology innovation company, who will soon be launching a product to support behavioural management for those who have suffered brain injuries. Also in attendance were therapy professionals from Smart Rehabilitation, a specialist neuro-physiotherapy company appointed to provide evidence-based physiotherapy to our future housemates at Linnet Mews.

Guests of honour

A collage of photographs from the opening event at Linnet Mews.

After a fun meet and greet, our guests of honour prepared to launch ceremonial procedures. Darren and Adam, currently supported at nearby service Markham House, first visited Linnet Mews during the preliminary stages of refurbishment.

Enlisted for their valuable opinions on plans for the property, Darren and Adam provided important insights when they first visited in autumn 2023, discussing how accessibility features would benefit people recovering from brain injuries.

With the property now ready to become a home for up to 10 people with brain injuries, Darren and Adam returned to officially open Linnet Mews. Supported by the brain injury team from the local hospital, Darren and Adam cut our iconic pink ribbon and launched the start of a bright future for people with brain injuries in the Chesterfield area.

Specialist support

Taking the first steps into the recently refurbished property, guests enjoyed personal guided tours, expertly led by key members of our brain injury team. Browsing the extensive features of the service, guests were privileged to see for the first time exactly how Linnet Mews has been adapted to support the needs of those rehabilitating from a brain injury.

A collage of photos showing the interior design at Linnet Mews.

Key features of the fully accessible home include a dedicated therapy quarter, comprising a spacious gym for integrated physiotherapy sessions and a comfy consultation room for confidential therapy meetings, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Continuing our dedication to holistic support in other areas of the home, Linnet Mews also has an adapted “training” kitchen, spacious communal areas, and four transitional self-contained flats for individuals ready to embrace increased independence, with the reassurance of a residential setting. 

Providing essential rehabilitation for those in the initial stages of their rehabilitation journey, Linnet Mews’ therapy-focused, active rehabilitation benefits from a social and community-based setting, empowering future housemates to put into practice redeveloped skills in everyday scenarios. This is proven to enhance positive rehabilitation outcomes and empower those receiving support with increased independence.

First of three

As one of three dedicated brain injury rehabilitation services set to open in 2024, we’re navigating an exciting period of growth and change – including the expansion of our expert team.

Recently welcoming Brain Injury Director Michael Chawatama, our team will continue laying the groundwork in opening opportunities for supporting those who have suffered brain injuries throughout the UK. For Michael, this was his first service launch with Voyage Care, and it proved to be an inspiring experience:

“I first visited Linnet Mews when I joined Voyage Care, and a few elements of the service were awaiting completion. Coming here today, seeing the ribbon cut, and taking my first steps into the finished building was amazing. To see the final fruits of the team’s hard work is inspiring. It’s shown me that the sky’s the limit in terms of what we want to achieve and what we can achieve for people with brain injuries.”

Michael Chawatama, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Director
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