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General Election 2017 easy read manifestos

Here at Voyage Care we have been campaigning to make sure the people we support are given the opportunity to vote in the General Election. On this page you will be able to access the General Election 2017 easy read manifestos from the main political parties. You can read or download the manifestos below....  More >

What is Angelman syndrome?

This is a genetic disorder that mainly affects the nervous system. Some of the characteristics of Angelman syndrome may include delayed development, intellectual disability, severe speech impairment and also problems with movement. A number of distinct behaviours that are associated with Angelman syndrome... More >

The General Election - what you need to know

The Prime Minister Theresa May has called a general election on 8 June 2017. Most people aged 18 or over and living in the UK can vote in an election. An election is when people living in the UK can vote for who they want to run the country as part of the government.    What is the government?... More >

What is autism?

This is a lifelong, development disability that affects how the person communicates and relates to other people and how they experience the world around them. Autism is not illness or disease and cannot be cured.  Some people who are autistic also have learning disabilities, mental health issues... More >

What is a learning disability?

A learning disability is not the same as a learning difficulty or mental illness. Statistics suggest that the around 1.5m people have a learning disability.  A person with a learning disability has the reduced ability to understand information and how they communicate. This means that it can take... More >

What is Prader-Willi Syndrome?

This is a genetic defect on chromosome number 15 which happens purely by chance. It is a condition that causes a wide range of problems such as the learning difficulties, constant desire to eat food, restricted growth, reduced muscle tone and behavioural problems. This is a rare condition affected one... More >