Moira's move to supported living

Moira has learning disabilities and had always lived at home with her parents. Her behaviour was becoming increasingly difficult for her parents to cope with, both were now in their 60s. Moira often kicked and hit her mum when she was frustrated or anxious.

Moira received occasional support from one of Voyage Care’s respite services in Preston. The family were invited to an open day at one of Voyage Care’s neighbouring supported living services. Moira and her parents were impressed with the service, but her mum and dad were reluctant. They had always been her main carers and believed the best care she could receive would be at home. However, it was Moira who decided she wanted to move into the service, along with two of her friends she knew from the respite service.

A referral was made and Moira moved into the supported living service, moving away from the family home for the first time in 40 years.

She has now been living at the service for over a year and she is enjoying her new found independence. Support workers helped Moira to develop skills to live independently, previously she had relied heavily on her mum for help with personal care and household tasks.

Moira’s relationship with her mum has changed now she is no longer her main carer. The dynamics have shifted and they now enjoy quality time together as mother and daughter on visits, trips and holidays. Any challenging behaviour she displayed towards her mum has gone. Moira is now empowered to make her own decisions about what she does, the food she eats and the activities she takes part in.

Moira’s parents are delighted with her progress and how much she has changed in such a small space of time. They no longer fear for her future and can see she is living a full and fun life, as well as receiving high quality care and support when she needs it.

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This person chose to remain anonymous, therefore, we have changed some information to protect their confidentiality.