Enabling Michael to venture into the community

Michael is in his late 70s, has a learning disability and took a tenancy at one of our supported living properties in Berkshire 18 months ago. For a long period prior to Michael’s move, he had lost all of his self-confidence. This meant Michael was unable to use public transport, which resulted in him spending most of his days at home. Michael really wanted to be able to do more and set himself a goal to go out and experience many activities.

Since Michael started his tenancy at a Voyage Care supported living home, our support staff has been working with him to rebuild his confidence. Our support staff encourage and enable Michael to go out more in the community, which has changed his life.

Michael said: “I love going out shopping with my support worker, I especially enjoy picking my favourite foods. Sometimes I need my support team to help me remember which foods are the healthier choices and which foods are my treat.

“When I am shopping, I like to put the food on the conveyer belt and bag it up before going home. I like showing what I’ve bought to my housemate, Brian, and sometimes he helps me put my shopping away.”

Michael and Brian enjoy going to Mencap and taking trips to the local garden centre as well as dancing to their favourite music.

Michael has now taken up gardening, as he has always wanted to be involved in developing his own garden. Michael’s staff support him to plant flowering bulbs into pots in the garden of his home. He thoroughly enjoys going out into the garden to check on their growth every day.