Our values

Voyage Care’s purpose is to deliver great quality care and support, and our vision is to make a lifelong difference to the people we support, and their families. Our values guide how we do business, and the behaviours we expect as we work towards our core purpose.

Our values have recently been refreshed through a process of co-production with the people we support and our staff. The mnemonic ‘ETHOS’ came together naturally from themes that had been prioritised as key values throughout the consultation process. This approach will help us to embed our values; making them accessible, memorable and meaningful.  

Each of our five values is accompanied with three supporting statements.  The statements explain the attributes of that value and are purposefully drafted to have relevance to both the people we support and our employees.


  • Empowering people to live the life they want to lead.
  • Respecting people’s choices. 
  • Putting people first.


  • Listening, engaging and collaborating. 
  • A culture of creativity and co-production. 
  • Sharing meaningful experiences.


  • Building mutual trust and understanding. 
  • Meeting promises and always learning. 
  • Freedom to speak up.   


  • Unrivalled expertise, exceptional outcomes. 
  • Removing barriers to success. 
  • Leaders in quality.


  • Support that expands horizons. 
  • Encouraging people to reach their potential. 
  • Treating people with dignity.

Our values are embedded in all aspects of how we operate including; care planning and review, recruitment, internal quality audits, learning and development, appraisals and reward and recognition.

Our values underpin all aspects of our operational practices, informing both new and existing employees, as well as people we support, about the culture of the organisation and the values that are important to Voyage Care. 

Reinforcement of our purpose and values takes place through all levels of the organisation, as well as being implicit in the organisational culture and everyday delivery of great care and support.