South Highnam

Park Avenue, County Durham, TS26 0DZ, United Kingdom

Key details

  • 8 bedrooms
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Specialist baths
  • Tracking hoists

At South Highnam we support eight people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and complex needs. We can support individuals who have autism, and epilepsy and who may show behaviours that challenge.

Supporting you

We support everyone to build independence and living skills and make decisions, offering plenty of choices. Each individual is at least partly responsible for looking after their own room and everyone is involved in staff interviews. One resident particularly enjoyed taking part in fire awareness training. Everyone has input into menus and the décor of the home.


This large service has eight bedrooms. It is accessible for wheelchair users and has specialist equipment, including overhead tracking, hoists and a specialist bath. We also have a large garden which is perfect for socialising, picnics and barbeques!


We are based in Hartlepool within walking distance of local facilities and we also have our own vehicle. We get involved in local activities, attending shows and taking part in charity events. We offer everyone living at the service a wide range of activities out in the community and in house activities.

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