Landau Lodge

Landau Lodge, Triton Road, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU9 4HU, United Kingdom

Key details

  • 9 bedrooms
  • Quiet area
  • Separate bungalow
  • Specialist baths
  • Wheelchair accessible

Landau Lodge is a purpose-built home offering support for nine adults with a learning disability and associated complex support needs, including behavioural support and Prader-Willi syndrome.

Supporting you

We believe creating a homely environment is important and everyone is encouraged to develop and experience a range of recreational and educational activities.


The accommodation consists of six large bedrooms, all fully accessible for wheelchair users. The rooms have been carefully designed to give an apartment-feel with emphasis on the acquisition of new skills, possibly with a view to looking at more independent-style living in the future.

There is a communal lounge with a TV and a small quiet room to be able to do art and craft. There is a kitchen and dining room for people to develop new independent living skills.

Bathrooms with specialist baths and an assisted showering facility are also available. There is a private garden with sensory areas, raised flowerbeds and ample parking.

We also have four self-contained bungalows in the grounds of the property. The bungalows can be used to create an environment with a more independent feel in which to acquire new skills.

Each bungalow includes a bedroom, a lounge, a kitchen, a dining area, a patio and a garden.

The bungalows can also be used to support people who may struggle to live with others, allowing them to still access the full range of facilities at the main home.

Landau Lodge is situated in Hull and is in close proximity to shops, health centres, places of worship, parks and recreation areas and easily accessible bus routes to various places of interest and leisure activities.


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