Grove Resource Centre

Our enthusiastic staff team ensure that everyone who visits the service enjoys a variety of sessions and social interaction, with many special events happening throughout the year.

Supporting you

The centre has recently been renovated to improve existing facilities and has some fantastic sessions and equipment. We can offer day opportunities and provide respite support for parents or carers.

We offer a wide range of both sensory-therapeutic sessions and independence and life skills sessions for people with learning disabilities and additional physical disability and complex needs.

We also have our own hydrotherapy pool. Together with the resources on site at The Grove, we can also provide dynamic and flexible outreach support to people living in their own home or family home in the community.

We work alongside each individual to put together a package of support which is unique to them – from support looking after their home and going shopping, to getting to college or work, meeting up with friends, socialising or taking part in sports.

We can provide support on a regular weekly basis or as and when required, depending on the needs of the individual.

Workshops – We have a woodwork shop for all abilities. We have a highly trained carpenter that supports people to undertake their own projects, where individuals have built their own furniture, toys, games etc. We also have undertaken several larger ‘up-cycling projects’, restore old furniture to a new, shabby chic quality.

Well-being – We have a fully trained beauty therapist; she is in the business of making people feel great through, foot hand and arm massages, foot spa’s and moisturisation. She can also beautify people through ‘Amazing’ nails and make up sessions, and train people in make-up techniques etc.

Communication and self-advocacy – Communication sessions at The Grove are centred on enabling the people we support to communicate their needs and wishes to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

This can include the use of switches, signing, speech and language therapy, touch-screen computers, IPads and PECs books to name just a few methods.

We work with each individual to empower them to achieve whatever their own goal is, the outcomes change from person to person and have been as diverse as learning to read, using a computer and entering paid employment.

Physiotherapy – We have a small highly skilled group of therapy assistants led by a neuro-physiotherapist .

Every client is fully assessed and a treatment plan devised, tailored to their individual needs. A range of input may be required, from physical management, hydrotherapy, night time positioning to support regarding splinting, footwear, x-rays, insoles or wheelchairs.

All clients are supported to access local services and will be accompanied by a member of the therapy team to any relevant appointments to ensure their complex needs are well explained and they receive the best care available.

Equals Moving On Equals Moving On – an easy to use, flexible, all inclusive curriculum and assessment package for young adults with learning difficulties.

It is a national accreditation scheme which is supported by advisers/moderators who co-ordinate a regional network for training and external moderation.

‘Equals Moving On’ provides a personalised learning approach which celebrates achievement focusing on person appropriate subject areas including ‘Leisure and Recreation’, ‘Daily Living Skills’, ‘Work Related Learning’, ‘Creativity’ and ‘World Studies’.

Our activities

We have two sports co-ordinators that facilitate all of our outward bound activities which include bowling, cycling, rambling and canoeing.

Our extensive activities include:

Creative arts – designed to enable the people we support to express themselves in a variety of ways. It is an imaginative and friendly environment where everyone feels valued and able to express themselves. We undertake many different activities, such as clay work on a potter’s wheel, graffiti art, painting, sewing and sensory projects, the possibilities are endless.

Cookery skills and the ‘Working Kitchen’ – Cookery is a great way to explore our senses from the strong smell of garlic and strong taste of Indian spices, to the sweetness of warm chocolate or tangy lemons, to the touch of a spiky pineapple or the velvety feel of flour between your fingers.

Throughout the term the whole group gets involved in choosing different food based projects. They will then pick different dishes that interest them the most, and go through the whole process of washing, preparing and then cooking the different foods.

The people we support are given the opportunity to develop their motor skills by using specially adapted equipment, and also learn new skills they can use in their kitchens back at home.

The working kitchen was opened last year and offers individuals the chance to be a trainee chef in a real time working environment with our fully trained Chef.

We normally provide 100 covers a day and individuals are given the chance to learn the skills needed for future work placements in the catering world.

Multi-sensory – At the centre we have two very different multisensory rooms offering different experiences. We have both a snoezelen room and a multisensory room, and they both work to achieve the same outcome but in opposite ways.

Sensory activities are greatly beneficial to the people we support. The sessions are non-directive and individuals are then able to make their own choices about how to use equipment and discover different ways of communicating and learning.

The rooms include a, ‘Magic Carpet’, a ball pool, waterbeds, fibre optics, bubble tubes, soft walls, soft floors, cushions and mirror balls and sensory boxes full of equipment for intensive interaction

Swimming, Rebound Therapy and on site sports – The Grove has a gymnasium with several activities available for all the people we support to experience and take part in. If you have a good level of energy and want to have lots of fun then the different gym games and sports we have available could be for you.

There are three ‘tri-cycles’ available which are specially designed to give everyone the opportunity to try cycling. We also have an Olympic sized trampoline with overhead hoist.

Swimming is recognised as one of the best forms of therapy for people with disabilities, from the sensation of floating in water for the most severely disabled to learning to swim for the more able.

Both our Sports Coordinators are fully trained ‘Rebound Therapists’.

Music – The aim of the music sessions is for individuals to have fun and experience a wide range of music from classical to current chart music to group composition.

Each week we explore different areas and offer a wide range of percussion and bigger instruments that everyone can use.

The team

We have skilled and experienced teaching and support staff who will work alongside you to ensure the outcomes you want are achieved in a fun and educational way. 

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