The power of a clap

Maeres House clapping for all frontline workers!

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen some wonderful response from our staff on just how much a clap means to them. Here’s some of our favourite stories from across our services – your clapping really is making a difference…

1.   Teaching gratitude and kindness

As the team at Glasshouse Hill in Derbyshire stepped outside to clap, they couldn’t believe the applause from the local community. Across the street, was a little girl clapping. She was just about to go back inside when she noticed our staff and ran back down her drive to clap again for them.

The little girl moved one of the staff so much that they wrote the girl a letter. They wanted her to know the difference she had made to their day and for her mum to know she was doing something right: she was teaching her daughter gratitude and kindness. They wrote the letter and posted it through her door.

A week later, they were all out joining in the clapping when they heard “thank you for my letter!” shouted from across the street. There were tears all round!

2.   A clap from the family

With family currently unable to visit the people we support, we have seen a real sense of coming together to keep everyone connected. From Skype calls to care packages, our staff are always coming up with new ways to keep everyone in touch.

Northfield House received a lovely message from a family member of a person they support. Struggling to find a way to send a thank you to the staff teams, they dedicated their clap to them.

3.   Bringing a smile

The people we support have been doing lots of smiling in lockdown. Clapping on a Thursday has become a routine for many of them. Some spending days making banners, looking forward to making as much noise as possible for the frontline workers.

Here’s some of our services bringing a smile to their clap…

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