The icing is on the cake

Our services in the South have been baking up a storm in their latest regional challenge, set by Operations Manager, Michelle!

The challenge: to create a scene out of cake and just like the bake off there was strict criteria too..

The challenge

Like any challenges our services love, they had to tick all the boxes before judging

  • The scene had to have some relavnce to the people we support making it or the service as a whole
  • There had to be a sponge (2 layers at least)
  • Had to be made in the service from scratch (no shop bought cakes allowed!)
  • Provide a backstory about the scene and why it was chosen
  • Provide pictures of the people we support making the cake

The judging

With 11 entries in to the competition, the judging was going to be tough. There were not only some brilliant cake designs but the stories behind them were truly inspiring.

But there could only be one winner!

And the winner is…

Broadview with their chicken scene! Here’s their winning back story behind their creation:

“The feeling of belonging and the importance of home has never been more crucial than within the current climate and for the residents of Broadview being parted from family has been particularly tough.

A real lifeline in the midst of the COVID frenzy has been our rescue chickens, plucked from the horrors of battery farming; lost, bedraggled, weathered and scared, they were very nervous in their new home. Our newest resident took to them immediately, she explained to them that she was new here too and that maybe they could learn to belong at Broadview together.

Initially she was really struggling to find her footing within the home and rediscover her drive to ‘get up and go’.

The chickens, with particular reference to her own one ‘Ginger’ provided her with limitless motivation and a much needed bond with the other residents. Her animal background gave her a huge advantage to the animals care and made her an invaluable ally to the other residents whom came to her often for advice and guidance. She also acted as teacher to those who lacked her confidence with them.

She was a shining example of caring for the chickens and in turn blossomed into a vital member of our home.

They have given her the confidence to create lasting friendships and other residents have learned the responsibility and companionship of having the affectionately named ‘chocks’.

It is now increasingly common, especially in these months of sunshine, to find the residents of Broadview all sitting together in the garden, as a community, as a family; you’ll also often find our former “new resident” right in the middle, chatting to everyone, grinning from ear to ear with ‘Ginger’ the chicken enjoying a cuddle on her lap.

In one way the residents of Broadview rescued 6 chickens; in a great many others the chickens rescued them.”

Take a look at some of the tough competition they were up against!

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